you look pretty smart Mr.HOT :) what was your major studies in college ? P.S. every time i see you in your pictures i have a mini orgasm :3

Oh you and your mini orgasm, sploosh to you too!

University - Hmmm, what a confusing time indeed. When I first left school, ahem many year’s ago, I studied Social Psychology. I’ve also studied, Primary school teaching, Music Technology and then Information Technology and just last year I did some refresher education at Uni in Digital Mastering Techniques…. 

What sort of music do you like? Any favourite bands/artists?
are you into superheroes movies/comics (Marvel or DC) ? how about Japanese Animes ?

No, I’ve never had any fascination for comics or superheros. It’s really all “meh” to me. As an illustrator, sure, I can appreciate them from a creative point of view, but from a superhero “I have a radioactive alloy metal for blood” point of view, no.
However, the fanboys and men who are into them… now let’s talk. I find them so very attractive! Go figure huh?

Have you ever had the remains of a cucumber stuck in your beard for so long that it became a pickle? Is the answer related to how neatly trimmed and classy as fuck your beard is?

No pickle, however I was able to hide small things in my beard at certain stages of its growth a while back. 

I didn’t start growing a beard until I was about 35. Sure, I probably could have started in my late teens, as I am a hairy bugger. My face has been blessed with thick dark hair. Not so much ‘dark’ these days, it’s more salt than pepper though. I go through phases of trimming as you’ve probably seen, so I appreciate the good words. 

do a house tour video when you're free; will you, handsome ? ;-)

have you seen bearcity the movie ? if so, what do you think of it?

Nope. God how I wish this was not an Anonymous question so I could ask you why you would think to ask me this question?

Dreamt of you last night and Man it was melting hot ! :$ ;)

Oh Anonymous, I too have dreamed of you lately… You could have been the anonymous troisième in my “trois dans un lit”, or in my “ménage à trois” dream… Come to think of it, maybe I was in your shoes…

what's your mail box ? ;)

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